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For bulk orders or printing requirements please contact our sales team.

Your Online Packaging Supplier

We sell an entire range of mailers, packaging and courier bags that are better secured and styled. poly-pak.com.au is a leading online store with expertise in the supply and distribution of quality protective mailers, courier bags, utility mailers, courier satchels, paper and poly bubble and padded mailers. We also supply bubble wrap & bubble wrap handy wrap dispensers, foam wrap, cold chain solutions including, insulated thermal bags & Sancell Protecta Chill packs. Our protective envelopes and protective packaging products are of the highest quality as we deal only in premium brands including Jiffy, Sancell and Nomad. Each brand we offer has been in the industry for a very long time and is known for providing quality products for safe packaging and mailing. Whether the concern is material, size, corner safety, edge safety, seal or weather proofing etc, we have the best suitable protective mailers and protective bags to offer.

Despatched goods during their journey come across many different risks - breakage, folding, scratches, moisture, tear etc. Sometimes, you need to store your goods for a long time and during this period you need to rearrange the stock. In both cases, packaging plays a critical role. Our range of courier bags, courier satchels & padded mailers provide the security against all the possible risks associated with handling, transportation and storage. You may ask us to supply the protective bags, envelopes, mailers and packaging products with customized printing of your logo, brand name, promotional deals or popular slogans. Our experts are always happy to suggest the best in style cost effective packaging and despatch solutions encompassing complete line of protective mailers - paper bubble mailers, jiffy padded mailer, poly bubble envelopes, security bags, postage bags, courier satchels, courier bags etc.

Featured Products

Nomad Premium Courier Bags / Poly Mailers 310 x 400 + 40mm flap Nomad Premium Courier Bags NP3 - 310 x 400 + 40mm flap
Our Price: $302.00 per carton of 1,000.
Courier satchels Sancell Eco Courier Satchels 240mm x 320mm SES2
Our Price: $230.00 per carton of 1,000
Nomad NU7 Utility Mailer. 365 x 480 + 35 flap. Nomad NU7 Utility Mailer. 365 x 480 + 35 flap
Our Price: $77.00 per carton of 100.
Jiffy Padded Mailers P1 - 150 x 225mm. Jiffy Padded Mailers P1 - 150 x 225mm
Our Price: $96.53 per carton of 200.