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Protecta Chill Gel Packs Non-Bubble

ProtectaChill Gel Packs are engineered for the best durability and performance in robust conditions. These bags are engineered with premium quality low-density polyethylene films and feature extra-strong seals to minimize leakage possibility. www.poly-pak.com.au is the ultimate online store you can rely upon to buy ‘Non-Bubble ProtectaChill Gel Packs’ in wholesale.

Eco-friendly and non-toxic Protecta Chill Gel Packs stay frozen longer than ice. LDPE4 outer cases can be disposed of for recycling in ‘REDcycle bins’ available in more than 1,850 Australian supermarkets. The human-friendly Protecta Chill Gel Pack is the best choice for you to pack the items that need faster freezing. These low-cost chill gel packs ensure that your goods are delivered fresh and ready to use.

Protecta Chill Gel Packs are highly trusted to be safe for storing seafood, food, pathology samples, temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, etc. As one of the top online stores supplying Protecta Chill Gel Packs, we have the complete range of 100% recyclable Protecta Gel Packs to suit your packaging needs-

  • ProChill - 150 X 150 - 300g (Carton of 44 Pcs)
  • ProChill - 150 X 220 - 500g (Carton of 28 Pcs)
  • ProChill - 200 X 320 - 750g (Carton of 16 Pcs)
  • ProChill - 200 X 320 - 1 Kg (Carton of 14 Pcs)
  • ProChill - 200 X 320 - 1.25 (Carton of 12 Pcs)

Buy online at https://www.poly-pak.com.au/login.asp ; we assure the fastest delivery at your doorstep all across Australia.

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