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Armour Black - Sancell Padded Mailer Bags

Packing, protecting and posting goods is made simple and stylish with Sancell Black Armour side opening padded mailers. The opening on the longest edge of the bag makes packing items a breeze. Specifically designed for use in a bulk pack and post setting, Sancell side opening padded, poly bubble mailers will help you have your goods out the door and on their way quickly and safely.

Sancell black "Armour" side opening padded mailers offer 100% block-out to ensure privacy and discretion in transit. They feature tamper evident seals ensuring your goods arrive at their destination intact and undamaged. Sancell padded mailers are a versatile pack and post solution for any business.

Recycled & Recyclable!

Each Armour Padded Mailer Bag is made from LDPE4 and contains a minimum of 15% Recycled content!
The entire Armour Bag range is RedCycle approved and can be placed into RedCycle bins in over 1,850 supermarkets Australia wide.
When supporting your local Australian manufacturer, you are not only supporting the local economy but reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to a more sustainable future.

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