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Printed Courier Bags

If you want to add a unique style to your packaging and also want it to be eye catching, printed courier bags will serve the purpose. Printed courier bags are being used widely by the leading on line companies that don’t want to compromise the safety of the products inside at any level. We can print up to 14 colours both flexographic and gravure printing. Why not advertise your company and products while they are in transit? We can print on any size courier bag or poly mailer, any colour and using any type of plastic film you require.

All our courier bags are made of 3 layers co-extruded blended polyethylene which is flexible but bears high tear & impact strength. Generally, stylish LDPE co-extruded courier bags are made white on the outside and black on the inside; it gives the bags an elegant opaque appearance. Opaque film with light grey or black shade provides confidentiality. These courier bags have strengthened side seals for extra protection during the handling, storage and transportation.

You can choose the best matched sizes from the wide range in stock; the right size reduces dispatching labor and postal cost. Premium quality courier bags are made of special polyethylene film strengthened further by special grade strengthening agents; still, these are environment friendly.

As being the leading online courier bags supplier in Australia, we invite you to our well stocked products gallery; experience the ease to choose the best suited mailer to achieve the best in impact resistance, heat resistance, size, environmental conditions, budgets, seals, flap, color etc. In case you find yourself in an indecisive position, get in touch with our online courier bags experts.