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Protecta Chill Gel Packs with bubble

Sancell Protecta Chill Gel Packs with bubble have become an essential part of any reliable cold chain packaging planning all across the industries in Australia. Also sold under the name of ProChill bubble bags, Protecta chill gel packs are made of 100% recyclable LDPE outer. As a leading online store of chill gel packs with bubble, www.poly-pak.com.au offers the maximum variants to suit your packaging needs.

ProChill bubble bags for cold supply chain packaging, we supply, are independently tested for dependable performance to keep the packaged items safe until the delivery. The items packed in ProChill bubble bags can be frozen and refrigerated. Faster freeze time reduces the cost of storage and allows you to freeze more items. The available facility for custom printing gives you another reason to buy ProChill bubble bags as these make your deliveries more impressive for the recipients.

Extra strong seals of ProChill bubble bags minimize the leakages. The 100% non-toxic material keeps your food safe in an odorless temperature protective package. Reusable ProtectaChill Gel Packs can be disposed of for recycling in REDcycle bins available in more than 1,850 Australian supermarkets.

As one of the top-performing authorized suppliers of Sancell bubble packaging products in Australia, we offer the maximum sizes of Protecta chill gel packs to help you minimize your packaging cost. Our online packaging experts are always available to help you derive a cost-effective cold chain solution by combining ProtectaChill gel packs with EnviroTherm thermal liners.

Just forward your packaging concerns to get the best affordable and protective cold supply chain solution. 

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