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Kraft Utility Mailers

Jiffy® Utility Mailers are economical, all-purpose kraft mailers for shipping non-fragile items. These mailers, made with heavy-duty, double-wall paper, provide stiffness and protection against tearing and punctures.

Kraft utility mailers protect the products that you ship, cut down the shipping cost and save space in warehouses.

Being the leading online Jiffy Utility Mailers Supplier in Australia, we at poly-pak.com.au offer maximum options in each variant- kraft bubble mailers, kraft padded mailers, kraft paper mailers, kraft paper packaging, white kraft bubble mailers etc. Whether the concern is impact strength, heat resistance, size, environmental conditions, budgets, seal, flap, color or packaging ease, our utility mailers offer the maximum variety expected to optimize your selection.

Premium kraft utility mailers are made of special grade strengthened and recyclable kraft paper that are environmentally friendly. Durable kraft paper packaging is being used to ship a range of non-fragile items like brochures, books, CDs/ DVDs, magazines, posters etc because of being light weight and burst resistant. To find out the best suitable kraft paper packing bags solution, we invite you to explore our expanding Jiffy Utility Mailers and Nomad Utility Mailers categories. In case you need help choosing the right solution, get in touch with our online Utility Mailer experts.