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Evidence Collection Bags

Evidence bags are the essential component at any crime spot. Poly evidence collection bags have tamper- evident design to indicate any effort of tempering. Evidence bags are leak proof. These are made of tear resistant, puncture-resistant and thick plastic poly. The closing is made safe by using strong adhesive. Evidence collection bags have a chain of evidence label printed at front. Best of quality coextruded films give these bags the advantage of being lighter yet stronger making the carriage easier. If you want the ultimate solution to serve the purpose, you can choose the suitable size from the wide range in stock; appropriate size simplifies the tasks ahead. As being the leading online protective bags supplier in Australia, we at poly-pak.com.au offer extensive range of evidence collection bags also.

Carrying along with, storing or dispatching the important and sensitive documents and items like personal documents, currency, valuables, evidences, business documents or the sold out goods etc has always been a big challenge. Use of evidence bags may enhance the mutual faith and confidence among the senders and recipients; if you deal in costly and sensitive items, try this option. The experts at poly-pak.com.au are always ready to suggest the best evidence bag online.

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Evidence Bags - Small 200 x 265mm Evidence Bags - Small 200 x 265mm

  • Tamper Evident Evidence Bags
  • Fold Over Sealing Enclosure
  • Transparent & Coextruded
  • Unique printed ID number (& barcode) with tear off receipt strip
  • Designed for evidence collection

Our Price: $416.90