Poly-Pak Industries P/L
Protecting Your Products

Poly-Pak Industries launched the www.poly-pak.com.au on-line store in 2011 to specialise in the supply and distribution of protective mailers. This came about as a result of witnessing the frustration from clients sourcing mailers for their products on conventional Packaging Companies websites.

The poly-pak.com.au on-line store is now proud to sell a wide variety of packaging products to our customers, not only mailers but bubble wrap, foam wrap and Cold Chain solutions.
Poly-Pak has Australia's largest Generic range of mailers in stock from all the best known and trusted brands including Jiffy and Nomad.

We at Poly-Pak Industries are adding new products all the time so we can continue to be the complete packaging website for all your packaging needs

If you require a packaging product that is not on our website, your own particular size mailer, require special print runs or discounts on bulk orders then you're in luck! Just contact one of our sales staff at: