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Jiffylite Mailers

Jiffylite padded mailers are lightweight bubble cushioned mailers with a white Krafting paper exterior to mail the products that need extra protection in terms of cushioning and rigidity. Made of fully laminated white colour Kraft paper and bubble wrap sheet, these protective mailers provide excellent cushioning, puncture resistance and stiffness. Smooth layer inside facilitates quick and easy product insertion. You can choose the best matched sizes from our wide range in stock of Jiffylite padded mailers and protective mailers; appropriate size reduces the dispatching, labour and postal cost.

Being the leading Jiffylite padded mailer online supplier in Australia, Poly-pak.com.au offers an extensive range of bubble padded mailers to match your requirements. The best puncture resistant and waterproof bubble lining absorbs the shocks and jostles during transportation and handling at different stages so the content within stays safe. It ensures that your products reach the recipients undamaged saving you time and money on replacing damaged goods. Jiffylite padded mailers that we supply feature a simple and efficient closure flap to reduce mailing efforts and time at work place. Any suitable size protective bubble wrap mailer is an ideal choice for small and delicate items that do not need full size shipping boxes.

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