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Keep Safe Security Bags

Carrying along with, storing or dispatching the important and sensitive documents and items like personal documents, currency, valuables, evidences, business documents or the sold out goods etc has always been a big challenge. To be sure about the safety of miscellaneous small but valuable items, you need quality security seal bags that have won the confidence of large communities worldwide. We, at poly-pak.com.au, help the businesses and individuals to store and transport the sensitive documents and items with elevated confidence. Leading businesses worldwide that believe in incorporating innovative ways to improve the processes use reusable Keep safe security bags. At poly-pak.com.au, we believe in delivering that you really need; so, we have widest range of tamper evident security bags online to offer.

Keep Safe tamper-evident security bags have found diversified applications in financial, gaming, manufacturing, retail and almost every sector. Best of quality coextruded films give the keep safe security bags the advantage of being lighter and stronger that considerably reduces freight costs. Tamper-evident properties can be classified in three groups:

  • Ultra or Gold – suitable for high risk involving applications
  • Premium or Silver – suitable for mid level tamper-evidence threats
  • Secure or Bronze – suitable for lower level risk applications.

Ask for any customised sizes & special printing.

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To/From: Clear Small Security Bags 200 x 265mm Security Bags To/From Clear Small 200 x 265mm
Price per carton of 1,000 $328.90
Security Bags To/From: Large 325 x 415mm Security Bags To/From Large 325 x 415mm
Price per carton of 500 $305.25
Security Bags To/From: Small 200 x 260mm Security Bags To/From Small 200 x 260mm
Price per carton of 1,000 $416.90
To/From: White Small Security Bags 200 x 265mm Security Bags To/From White Small 200 x 265mm
Price per carton of 1,000 $328.90