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LDPE Boutique Carry Bags

We stock the widest range of affordable LDPE retail carry bags suited for any retail store. The biodegradable and recyclable boutique carry bags are multipurpose and reusable. These durable bags get fit to the needs of almost all the retail stores dealing with different items. 

LDPE (low-density polyethylene) is a soft, flexible, and lightweight plastic material. LDPE carry bags are the perfect fit for shopping also. Our premium quality plastic boutique carry bags add value to your business when you hand over the products to your customers in a decent and convenient carry bag. We have an ever-increasing collection of printable die-cut handle bags in black and white colors.

The strong and economical boutique bags are priced reasonably. LDPE boutique carry bags with die-cut handles, we supply are 50um thick ensuring durability and carrying capacity. As being the top online supplier of boutique carry bags in Australia, we facilitate you to choose the best suitable from the readily available widest collection.

Explore our collection of die-cut handle boutique carry bags to find suitable sizes like 200 X 300, 300 X 400, 300 X 400, 400 X 500, and others. We have the best arrangements to supply the ordered LDPE boutique carry bags at your doorstep in a minimum period.

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