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Pallet Caps

The poly pallet cap films are finding increasing applications to cover the pallets at the top for securing the packaged content. Make your pallet packaging more secure against the impacts during storage, loading, shipping, and delivery. www.poly-pak.com.au, one of the top online pallet caps stores in Australia offers the best applicable pallet caps.

Water-resistant tops for pallets are made of special grade MDPE. Pallet caps MD are available in caps MD black and clear options in different thicknesses like clear caps MD 20um, caps HD 22um, and caps LD 25um. The premium quality plastic pallet caps have excellent printable properties; so, you can add value to your brand image.

The reusable transport packaging solution comes to you at an affordable price with ever-needed security benefits like dependable protection against water, dirt, and moisture. Pallet caps can be placed at the bottom of pallets also to protect the packaged items from moisture from the ground. These are emerging fast as the low-cost solution to cover the pallets that are stored outdoor for a short period.

We have adequate arrangements to supply pallet caps all across the major cities of Australia including Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Canberra, Darwin, etc. Our online poly packaging material specialists are just a call away to help you for buying pallet caps of accurate size and thickness to minimize the pallet packaging cost.

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