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Pallet Bags & Tubing

Plastic pallet bags and tubing are inexpensive and dependable packaging solutions to protect the variety of products during storage and transit. Pallet bags and tubing are increasingly being accepted as an alternative to bulgy, heavy, and costly pallet tarps. www.poly-pak.com.au offers an ever-expanding range of pallet bags and tubing to help you improve packaging standards that too at a lower cost.

Poly gusseted pallet cover bags are thin yet durable. The pallet bags are set to fit over the pallet protecting the inside contents against environmental impact. Because of being lightweight, these bags reduce your shipping cost also. Durable pallet bags are available in shrinkable and non-shrinkable categories.

Designed to shrink fast poly pallet tubing gives you more flexibility in packaging. Poly tubing allows customizing the size of packaging bags for a particular product. Easy to open and unwrap pallet tubing eliminates waste because you can pack your products of different sizes with a single polyethylene tubing roll. Pallet shrink tube is available up to 37 meters in length.

As being the top online store supplying pallet bags and pallet tubing all across Australia, www.poly-pak.com.au offers the widest range to suit the particular packaging needs. For being the leading online supplier of poly pallet bags and tubing, we have a nationwide supply chain to ensure on-time delivery of heavy-duty, waterproof, leak-proof, see-through pallet bags and tubing. Explore the ever-expanding range of poly pallet bags & tubing; and, ask us for a quote.

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